Just another day in the life

Today is Wednesday, September 20, 2017, for those of you who are unable to read a timestamp. My day today was more interesting than usual, so I guess now I have to tell all of you loyal fans about it. I was super exhausted all day because I called my friend in Playa Vista until about 11 PM. We were discussing potential business opportunities, and he was telling me how much money he’s making with his overnight dog boarding business. It rained this morning, so that was pretty awful. Steph always tells me how much she loves the rain, but I can’t stand it. It just makes everything cold, and I hate being wet outside of swimming.

dog daycare

Plus it can potentially bring damage to your house if there’s any holes or extensive flooding. My first class of the day is ASL, and since it’s a Wednesday, it was also a “wordless Wednesday” from 8 to 9:10 AM. We still occasionally talk if there’s something that we have absolutely no idea how to sign since we’re only in our second week of school. I don’t mind them because I never really talk in that class anyways. There’s a bunch of annoying kids who unfortunately also happen to be freshmen (unsurprising) who always talk the whole time and try to act funny but everybody really just hates them. We can’t single one out and stare at him until it’s awkward so that he stops making noise, because there’s three of them so one of them will always have somebody back him up.

dog boarding

I flat tired one of them as we left the classroom because all of the hallways are pretty crowded and nobody knows how to navigate around one another. For those of you who don’t know, flat tiring someone is when you step on the back of their shoe as they walk so it makes then trip and their shoe usually falls off. But if you’re in a crowded hallway with tons of people, then you can’t tell who it was and you’re already being trampled by the dozens of mindless drones with tunnel vision. Also known as freshmen. I’m going to save the rest of my day for another article because I have lots to say and there’s not enough room to say all of it here. For those of you who want a cliffhanger, my next class was IB economics.