Plans for Halloween

As many of you loyal followers know, I live in the United States so I celebrate Halloween. I don’t “celebrate” it by wearing spooky costume and going to Halloween parties, but I do trick or treat. Since I was around 15, I haven’t really done it alone because when people only hear my voice then they ask if I’m too old and it’s kinda awkward. So, now I just go with my niece or little cousins. I’d go with steph if I had the chance, but I won’t be in Reno at the same time as her for it. I’ve always been afraid of all the scary imagery and stuff, plus if something is scary then it always has to be gross and I hate gross things. If there’s an ugly witch hanging from naomi’s door when I’m trying to eat, it goes in the trash. I have literally no tolerance for anything like that. I still wear costumes, but they’re not grotesque or spooky. The earliest outfit I remember wearing was a Dopey outfit from Snow White, but I might have been a teletubby before that. I’ll have to consult the photo album for that one