Asbestos Abatement Tips for Los Angeles

This article is directed to give information in regards to asbestos abatement.  Every individual will experience different signs and symptoms once they have been exposed to asbestos.  It is always different as some will experience all of the warning signs and others will only have one or two symptoms.  The warning signs are quite significant and include the following:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Swollen fingertips
  • Fatigue
  • Wheezing
  • Persistent dry cough

If the property or business structure was built before 1980 and you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should reach out to your local asbestos abatement experts in the Los Angeles area.  My recommendation is the folks over at Environmental Pros.  They are by far the experts when it comes to asbestos abatement.los angeles asbestos abatement

The teams that handle asbestos abatement are specialized hazardous waste removal professionals that are trained and certified specifically for that purpose.  It is a fact that most of the properties that were built before 1980 contain some sort of asbestos in them.  This is true for both residential and commercial properties.  Most likely, these properties will require the asbestos abatement process in order to safely occupy them.  These are some of the items that are most likely to contain the dangerous and deadly substance:

  • Roof shingles
  • Flashing around the roof
  • Floor tiles
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Insulation (commonly used around water heaters, pipes, ducts, fireplaces and sheeting)
  • Pipe cement

The Environmental Pros asbestos abatement teams are highly trained and qualified to know what and where to look for and identify asbestos.asbestos remediation los angeles

With all of that being said you would think that all the properties here in the Los Angeles area would be riddled with tons of asbestos as most of LA was developed prior to 1980.  The great thing about asbestos and asbestos abatement is that it only becomes dangerous once it is disturbed and becomes airborne.  Here is an example of how asbestos can become airborne.  You hire a contractor to put extra insulation in your attic and then find that you need a roof repair.  If the insulation is disturbed during your roof repair, the asbestos can become airborne.  If the asbestos becomes airborne, it can become dangerous to all that are exposed.  This will require the professional asbestos abatement teams to come in and remove the deadly material.

Once the asbestos testing process has been completed, the asbestos abatement team are quick to carefully prepare the samples and get them sent off to specific laboratories that specialize in detecting asbestos.  The official agency that maintains the official list of labs that do asbestos testing is the National Institute for Standards and Technology. los angeles asbestos removal

Doing just a visual inspection to detect asbestos is simply not sufficient enough.  A popular test that most asbestos abatement teams use is the PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy) and the TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy).  The two of these tests’ are approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the local Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

It is always better to be safe especially if you think you have experienced any of the warning signs that there may be asbestos within your property.  The number one important thing to do is to reach out to the asbestos abatement teams at Environmental Pros here in Los Angeles and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.  The experts will surely work fast and safe as they perform the asbestos removal process.

Here’s an interesting article about living in Long Beach.

3 Gastropub Restaurants in Nashville, TN

Nashville was founded in 1779.  It was a perfect location as a shipping port and railroad center.  Ironically as the state capitol, Nashville succeeded from Tennessee during the Civil War and was taken over by Union Troops.  After the war, however, it once again became the state capital and grew as manufacturing companies began to move to the city.

Today, Nashville’s populations is just under seven hundred thousand and is considered the largest city in Tennessee.  Company headquartered there are AT&T, Hospital Corporation of America and Southern Baptist Convention to name a few.

As the city grows so does the need for unique restaurants and their developing “foodie’ culture.  Nashville was even ranked as the thirteenth snobbiest city in America!

Nashville RestaurantThe Flying Saucer Draught Emporium was born in 1995 and has grown to several restaurants in the southwest parts of the United States.  They refuse to become a franchise because they just want to deliver quality crafted beer to people who love it.

The Nashville Flying Saucer serves a ton of beers on draught and offer the more popular beers by the can or bottle.  Join them on Monday nights for Pint Nite or Tuesdays for Trivia Bowl or Wednesdays for their Half Price menu starting at ten in the evening.

Their menu offers some of the most favorite “foodie” items.  You could start with Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos with spiced beef, chorizo and cheese stuffed jalapenos that are wrapped in bacon and served with ranch dressing.  Who doesn’t love Restaurant in Nashvillea soft pretzel that is buttered, salted and toasted and serviced with two dipping sauces:  cream cheese and chive, spicy mustard or queso.  Of course, they have Hot Wings and Loaded Rocket-Tots that are jalapeno potato tots topped with cheddar-jack, goat cheese, bacon and green onions with a fried egg on top.

If you are more of a salad person they offer the usual garden or cobb salad.  But you could try Lauren’s Goat Cheese Salad with a spring mix, cranberries, goat cheese, tomatoes, walnuts, red onions and balsamic vinaigrette.  For something more traditional and tummy warming have their Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque.  This has a three-cheese blend with bacon on a toasted sourdough.

You could create your own Saucer Pie by picking the toppings you want, and they will bake it to perfection.  Of course, they have great burgers.  Try their Saucer Burger made with Black Angus Beef, mustard-mayonnaise, red onion, lettuce, tomato and pickle.  Topped with pepper-jack, American or Swiss cheese or substitute the cheese for an artisanal cheese for an additional dollar.  I always lean towards a Rueben and their Reuben-Esque is built with Boar’s Head pastrami, jalapeno-kraut, melted Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on a toasted marble rye.

Finish your meal with a Mud Island Torte made with molten chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream and a raspberry sauce.  They also offer a Beer Float that is made with Russian Imperial Stout and vanilla ice cream (pretty sure you have to be over the age of twenty-one for this float).

I can see why they have a four-point-four star rating online with over one thousand reviews.

Restaurant in NashvilleThe Pinewood offers a variety of things to do while you enjoy a beer, wine or cocktail.  They have movies on the last Tuesday of every month.  They give you free popcorn and themed frozen drinks poolside.  They encourage you to get there early so you can claim your favorite chair by the pool.

Pinewood in Nashville has six lanes for bowling.  The wood from the lanes come from an old Bowl O’ Rama in Indiana.  You can have up to eight people on each lane.  Shoes and balls are included in your hourly rental.

When it gets too hot outside think of taking a cool dip in one of their pools.  They have a thirty-foot airstream pool side where you can order food and drinks.  The food items range from salads to tacos.  Pools are open from ten in the morning to ten at night Wednesday through Sunday.

How about a game of Bocce Ball on the patio?  There is plenty of seating and covered furniture to keep the sun at bay.  If Bocce Ball is not your game, you can play a game of Ping Pong.Nashville Restaurant

The Pinewood is happy to host private events as well.  They will rent out the place to a filming crew or a photo shoot.

With a menu that can feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner you can make the Pinewood an all-day event.  Their menu has so many offerings you are sure to find something that will fill your belly.  No wonder they have over fifteen hundred online reviews giving them a four-point-four rating.

Nashville RestaurantMerchants was established in 1892.  It is located in a three-story building on the corner of 4th Avenue and Broadway.  Originally built to be a pharmacy, it was later expanded on and became a hotel.  It was a popular place to stay for traveling salesmen as it only cost twenty-five cents per night.  It is said it was once a brothel and a casino but there is no real evidence that supports that.  There is a documented love affair with a young lady and a Civil War soldier.  The documentation was not found until the building underwent a renovation one hundred years later and love letters were found.

Merchant was frequented by Wild West outlaws like Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok.  Later it was a favorite place for country western music stars like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash.

Falling into hard times in the 1970’s because the lower Broadway area became seedy, it was almost torn down.  In the 1980’s it was preserved as a historical building and turned into an upscale restaurant in 1988.  The Merchant brought locals and tourists back to the downtown area and it started to improve.  However, it fell on hard times again and was secretly purchased by brothers Benjamin and Max Goldberg in 2010.  They kept the current staff and did improvements after hours.Nashville TN Restaurant

Today the Merchant is a thriving bistro restaurant.  The first floor serves a casual lunch and dinner.  The second floor has a more refined menu serving fresh seafood and steak and the third floor is available year-round for private events.

There are over nine hundred reviews online that give Merchants a strong four-point-five rating.

This review has been supplied by Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros.  They are proud to be one of the best hood cleaning companies in the Nashville area.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Orlando, Florida

orlando restaurant vegan

Most people don’t realize how common it is to be vegetarian or vegan. Not everyone eats meat, for a variety of reasons. If you’re planning on eating in Orlanda, Florida, then you are in luck.


We’ll begin with a local favorite, the Hubbly Bubbly Falafel Shop. Located near Orlando’s Lake Eola, they serve a wide variety of great dishes from good falafel to great falafel. For anybody who doesn’t know what falafel is, it’s basically deep fried dough with meat inside of it. Orlando has a few restaurants that serve great falafel, but Hubbly Bubbly ranks among my favorite. Bear in mind that my opinions on restaurants are malleable, so any restaurants that please me can find a spot on my list.

If you’ve had falafel anywhere else, I would really recommend Hubbly Bubbly. It doesn’t really take much to serve good food and have decent service. You know a place is good when they have a very helpful manager, who not only asks questions but also educates you. The greatest salesman is an educator. With so many good reviews, I’m not sure if my great rating can raise their score any higher. Believe it or not, I’ve actually been to a few restaurants where you could still see food leftover on the table from the last people who were seated there.

No matter how busy your restaurant is, dirty tables are unacceptable. Especially in a high-end city like Orlando. Falafel isn’t the most expensive food, but if it’s too cheap then you can tell it probably isn’t made from anything that didn’t come from a can. Hubbly Bubbly’s falalfel doesn’t have that issue, with reasonable prices and food that tastes genuinely fresh. That doesn’t happen at too many places.


Market on South is technically more of a bakery, but their food is on par with all the restaurants on this list. They’re found just west of the Orlando Executive Airport. You haven’t seen good service at a place until you’ve seen the bakers at Market on South. Even when met with a high volume of demands, the staff were always smiling and didn’t appear to be stressed at all. I always love places like that. Food tastes so much better when you know people enjoy making it for you. I’ve always been impressed with how clean everything appears every time I go.

Each time I’m curious to take a look behind the scenes, but you don’t want to get in the way of busy people in a kitchen. Learned that the hard way. Last time I drummed up the courage to ask if I could take a peek at the kitchen. Lo and behold, they obliged. Last time I saw a kitchen that clean was on a cooking show. However, one thing those shows are missing that Market on South has is a great Orlando hood cleaning company. It doesn’t sound like much, but you can notice the difference when you see it. Now, pastries are kind of my sweet spot. Sugary foods and candy are nice, but any kind of sweet dough will put me in heaven.

The best part about Market on South is that you can visit them any time of day, because there isn’t a time when you shouldn’t be eating dough. My personal favorite from this restaurant is the apple pie donuts. No place on earth could make them better, not even a restaurant that only made those. Market on South serves more than just breads and pastries, though. They make all sorts of sandwiches with great tasting veggies inside. Best bakery in Orlando by far, just read all the amazing reviews if you don’t believe me.

orlando florida restaurant sanctum

If you’re just looking for atmosphere, service, and great food in a clean environment, then head to The Sanctum. This time around you’ll have to look nearby northeast Orlando. Smiling waiters, great music, amazing food. This restaurant has it all. The name sounds pretty ominous, almost as ominous as how they can manage to stay in business with such great prices on all the food.

All of the good reviews may just seem like puff pieces to some people, but when a restaurant has no flaws you can’t just make them up. One thing I really love about The Sanctum is the variety on their menu. Gone are the days of eating greasy food that came out of a freezer. I really appreciate the chefs’ ability to craft healthy foods that still taste great. I only have one complaint, and it’s kind of a major one.

WHY does my stomach have to be so small?! Good thing there’s always room for dessert! Rush hour can mean potential trouble for a lot of restaurants, because they have to manage unruly customers and the chefs are under extreme stress. I can honestly say that The Sanctum’s employees were all unfazed by any of this. Good job guys, keep up the good work.

orlando florida restaurant vegan

Dixie Dharma falls under a lesser-known category that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a Southern-style restaurant. This restaurant also happens to be near the Orlando Executive Airport, making at least two of these restaurants relatively close. Dixie Dharma absolutely gets the atmosphere right, with perfect lighting . The music is nice as well, enabling you to listen but also at a tolerable volume for conversation.

I managed to stay under my budget, only because I saved room for  a great dessert. Yet another place with a great vegan selection, from tempeh tiki tacos to “cheesy homies” (my personal favorite). Surprisingly, a lot of vegan places can still manage to make food that tastes bad. If you’re looking to take your food on the go, you can always tour Lake Underhill nearby while you chow down on your tasty vegan grub.

I know that I keep repeating how high ratings are a common theme between each restaurant,  but I saved this hidden Orlando gem for last because it was actually the highest rated of the four. Vegan food may not be for everyone, but I’m sure anyone who walks in will find something to love on Dixie Dharma’s amazing menu.

Just another day in the life

Today is Wednesday, September 20, 2017, for those of you who are unable to read a timestamp. My day today was more interesting than usual, so I guess now I have to tell all of you loyal fans about it. I was super exhausted all day because I called my friend in Playa Vista until about 11 PM. We were discussing potential business opportunities, and he was telling me how much money he’s making with his overnight dog boarding business. It rained this morning, so that was pretty awful. Steph always tells me how much she loves the rain, but I can’t stand it. It just makes everything cold, and I hate being wet outside of swimming.

dog daycare

Plus it can potentially bring damage to your house if there’s any holes or extensive flooding. My first class of the day is ASL, and since it’s a Wednesday, it was also a “wordless Wednesday” from 8 to 9:10 AM. We still occasionally talk if there’s something that we have absolutely no idea how to sign since we’re only in our second week of school. I don’t mind them because I never really talk in that class anyways. There’s a bunch of annoying kids who unfortunately also happen to be freshmen (unsurprising) who always talk the whole time and try to act funny but everybody really just hates them. We can’t single one out and stare at him until it’s awkward so that he stops making noise, because there’s three of them so one of them will always have somebody back him up.

dog boarding

I flat tired one of them as we left the classroom because all of the hallways are pretty crowded and nobody knows how to navigate around one another. For those of you who don’t know, flat tiring someone is when you step on the back of their shoe as they walk so it makes then trip and their shoe usually falls off. But if you’re in a crowded hallway with tons of people, then you can’t tell who it was and you’re already being trampled by the dozens of mindless drones with tunnel vision. Also known as freshmen. I’m going to save the rest of my day for another article because I have lots to say and there’s not enough room to say all of it here. For those of you who want a cliffhanger, my next class was IB economics.

Halloween plans

As many of you loyal followers know, I live in the United States so I celebrate Halloween. I don’t “celebrate” it by wearing spooky costume and going to Halloween parties, but I do trick or treat. Since I was around 15, I haven’t really done it alone because when people only hear my voice then they ask if I’m too old and it’s kinda awkward. So, now I just go with my niece or little cousins. I’d go with steph if I had the chance, but I won’t be in Reno at the same time as her for it. I’ve always been afraid of all the scary imagery and stuff, plus if something is scary then it always has to be gross and I hate gross things.

regulated licenses

If there’s an ugly witch hanging from naomi’s door when I’m trying to eat, it goes in the trash. I have literally no tolerance for anything like that. I still wear costumes, but they’re not grotesque or spooky. The earliest outfit I remember wearing was a Dopey outfit from Snow White, but I might have been a teletubby before that. I’ll have to consult the photo album for that one. My costumes have ranged from a ninja to a buff M&M, but they’re always some kind of cartoon or action character. Unfortunately for me, I was always afraid of all the decorations people put out so I would avoid those houses at all costs. That cut into my total profits, and this is the only holiday other than easter that revolves around candy.

special use permits

I think that Halloween has also been kinda Hollywood-ized in a way, so that sellers can make more money off costumes in a broad variety of themes other than just scary stuff. After all, 100 years ago, I bet nobody dressed up as a princess for Halloween. Maybe just the democrats. I told these same thoughts to my friend while we shopped for groceries yesterday, as I mentioned in my other article. He sells short term rental special use permits for a living, and made a joke about dressing us as a license salesman for Halloween.

Plans for Halloween

As many of you loyal followers know, I live in the United States so I celebrate Halloween. I don’t “celebrate” it by wearing spooky costume and going to Halloween parties, but I do trick or treat. Since I was around 15, I haven’t really done it alone because when people only hear my voice then they ask if I’m too old and it’s kinda awkward. So, now I just go with my niece or little cousins. I’d go with steph if I had the chance, but I won’t be in Reno at the same time as her for it. I’ve always been afraid of all the scary imagery and stuff, plus if something is scary then it always has to be gross and I hate gross things. If there’s an ugly witch hanging from naomi’s door when I’m trying to eat, it goes in the trash. I have literally no tolerance for anything like that. I still wear costumes, but they’re not grotesque or spooky. The earliest outfit I remember wearing was a Dopey outfit from Snow White, but I might have been a teletubby before that. I’ll have to consult the photo album for that one

Plans for the rest of the week

I think it’d be pretty cool if I had a typewriter and I just sat in a room for four hours writing stories about my past, and then I would leave and it would only be 11 AM and I still had the rest of the day. Take out the part about the typewriter, and you have my current job. It’s a lot more nuanced than that, and I’m not complaining or anything. The only reason that thought popped into my head was because the font type reminds me of old text from a typewriter. 94 words later, it’s time to discuss my plans for the rest of the week. Even if you’re reading this and have no plans for the rest of the week, just leave a comment down below that you have no plans.
carpet cleaning
I’m keeping all you fans in my thoughts with every keystroke. Even all my fans that provide the best Reno Carpet Cleaning. My current schedule is hanging out with my best friend about every three days since I’m only here for two months, but then on weekends we usually plan something. Last weekend I took her to see War for the Planet of the Apes, which was good but a little slow. It could have been trimmed down, like a lot. I actually got a little scared during the movie too, because there was an instance where the screen went black and then the movie cut back about 2 minutes.
carpet clean
The screen was only black for a few seconds, but it still terrified me because I’m extremely paranoid. I can’t even stand planes flying overhead unless I can see them. So my plans for this week are just working each day, and then this weekend I’m going to Lake Lahotlan with Steph and her family. Against my mom’s wishes, unfortunately. Steph’s mom has a bit of a history with drinking, and Lahotlan is supposed to be a party lake but there’s no way she would drink with someone else’s kid in the car, on top of two of her own kids.

How to feel 30 when you’re actually 55

“A man’s only as old as the woman he feels.” – Groucho Marx

One of those great lines from Americana.

Now that I’m north of 50, I’m pissed.  I hate that my life is passing by and I really worry about my body holding up well enough to enjoy life.  So about seven months ago, my physician had retired.  He was only the second doctor that I’d had in the past 30+ years.  My first doctor had died a few years back.  Then this one retired because he was tired of what this country was doing to the healthcare industry.

So I lend up with a new doctor.  Wow.  What a new road to be on.  This guy sent me out for blood tests immediately and once the tests were back, started tinkering with my chemistry.  Boost of vitamins here, some adjustments there, some shots of testosterone…. Wait a minute.  Testosterone shots?  Really?  Well, he felt a low dose of testosterone would make my body behave more like it was when I was 30.  Hmm.  Had to try it.

So, six months of testosterone injections.  Let me tell you – totally worth it.  I can go out and hike 5 miles a day and lift weights in the gym for 45 minutes a day and I get nice results and recover quickly.  I’m more awake and alert.  I sleep like a baby and I wake up feeling better.  Sex?  Oh yes please.  Sporting award winning wood quite often!

When I started the program, my doctor had me on 10ml per week. I liked it – but I felt like I had A.D.D sometimes.

I went back in for more blood work and visited the doctor with the results.  He looked over all the numbers on my chemistry and said, “everything is really good, but we need to dial back the testosterone a little.  You have the T levels of an 18 year old”.

I asked, “Is that dangerous?

Doctor: “No.  But if I had T-levels this high, I would be consumed with sex thoughts and would not be able to concentrate or get any work done all day”.

Me: “Doc, can you repeat that? I wasn’t listening”.

Yep. That’s the only issue.  So, I’ve been dialing back a little. Experimenting with the amounts.  I actually have been trying everything from 6ml to 9ml per week. Just trying to find that balance point where I can get work done and still get the workout and sex benefits all week.

Now my only aches and pains are in my bones.  Most are okay – but I still tend to get lower back pain and some shoulder and neck pain.  Most of which can be dealt with by a visit or two to a good Chiropractor near me.  I was not a fan of chiropractic before – but as I get in better shape, I find the adjustments helpful and long lasting.

So, here I am at 56 years old.  And with my body chemistry adjustments, I truly feel like a 30 year old (with the sex drive and ‘wood’ of an 18 year old).  I’m pretty damn happy.


I created this site to relive the year we spent in Long Beach, California.  Long Beach is located in Orange County in the greater Los Angeles area.  Long Beach is a very unique place as the whole beach is within the harbor walls.

We first moved to Los Angeles to the greater Glendale area.  We lived in the coolest apartment complex in the area.  After Glendale, we move to Hermosa Beach and lived there for a year.  Hermosa Beach was a lot of fun, however we lived in a two bedroom one bathroom very small place.  We did have a slight view of the ocean from our deck.  Our garage was a one car garage that was very narrow and the place was pretty expensive.

So we decided to check out Long Beach.  We found an apartment at Gallery 421.  This area of Long Beach is walking distance to the harbor where there are shops and restaurants.  The apartment complex we picked was brand new.  The area was considered to be a redevelopment area.  Sitting between Broadway and Third Street.  We were told by management that if we were to venture out, it would be better to walk along Broadway versus Third.  We found out quickly that that was good advise.  My husband ran into a couple of guys in the elevator the first week we were there who were all beat up.  They said they had gotten mugged a couple evenings ago walking up third street.  So from then on we would only walk up Broadway.

The apartment complex was beautiful!  It had a theatre room, large pool with a hot tub, workout room, game room and a doggy wash room.  Our apartment faced the inside of the complex which was very fortunate because we did not realize that across Broadway Street was the police department and fire department.  We did hear sirens a lot but it was not as bad for those who did live on the outside units.  We had two master bedrooms with their own bathrooms, a large deck and spacious kitchen.

We would walk daily down to the harbor sometimes to have lunch or dinner but mostly to walk around the harbor and look at the boats.  There was a small harbor where there were shops and restaurants.  It was so nice to dine outside and look at the boats.  All of the restaurants had outdoor seating.  They all had these great outdoor heaters when it was cold.  There was a Mexican Restaurant, of course a Seafood Restaurant and a few others.  This area is called Shoreline Village.  Along with the specialty shops and restaurants there is a gaming area with a carousel.

There is a beautiful walking area that goes along the water.  You can walk to a light tower and around it.  At the bottom of the hill is the Aquarium of the Pacific where you can see the most beautiful fishes from the Pacific.  In the Aquarium, there is a seal exhibit.  One day we were there and found that if you ran back and forth in front of the window to their exhibit one of the seals will swim back and forth with you.